Everett Creek Culvert Replacement Highway 11 (2016)


The existing concrete box culvert at Everett Creek on Highway 11 near Emo Ontario was replaced by this new structure in the fall of 2016. The staged construction involved the installation of a new sheet piled foundation and precast lid. The 80′ long heavy grade sheet piling (the longest sheets ever installed in the northwest region) supported the 450mm precast concrete lid over the Everett Creek. Sheet pile wing walls, new hand rail and paving were also incorporated into this work.  

This successful sheet pile and lid project was completed in 2016. 

Moose Creek Culvert Replacement (2017)


This Structural plate corrugated steel pipe culvert removal and replacement project at Moose Creek on Highway 622 near Atikokan was a challenging proposition due to the large rock filled embankment located there. LH North implemented a temporary modular bridge system during construction to assist local traffic and the construction process. This innovative approach saved our client time and money and allowed the project to come in under the original budget. The project also included grading, new high tension guide rail and paving.  

Merkley Lake Culvert Replacement (2015)


The Merkley Lake Culvert replacement on Highway 527 near Armstrong involved the installation and removal of a 170 foot single lane temporary modular bridge, deep excavation and removal of 2 existing CSP Arch culverts. The work was particularly challenging due to the project requirement to complete the work during winter weather conditions. 

This new structure was a structural plate corrugated steel Arch culvert situated on precast concrete footings as well as upstream and downstream MSE walls.

Kabitotikwia and Dog River Culverts (2016)


The Kabitotikwia River Culvert replacement on Highway 811 in 2016 involved the staged removal of the 3 existing CSP Arch Culverts and their replacement with a single large span Rigid Frame Steel Box Culvert resting on a cast-in-place rock dowelled foundation. The project required deep earth excavation, a large volume of bedrock excavation, extensive roadway protection to allow for local traffic during construction and the installation of Steel beam guide rail and grading. 

The Dog River Culvert replacement consisted of  the removal of two CSP Arch culverts and the installation of 3 large diameter CSP Culverts.

Dog River required deep excavation, frost tapers, intricate staging (due to 3 sequential culverts), back-filling, grading, installation of 3 cable guide rail, paving and surface treatment. 

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